Sell Persian Rugs in San Diego

Sell Persian Rugs in San Diego

Are you looking for information on Persian carpets? Are you considering a potential purchase but not sure where to start?

Persian Rugs are arguably the best in the world, known especially for their lustrous wool and unmatched use of color. Sell Persian Rugs in San Diego are relatively expensive, the best carpets in the world suddenly become affordable. This may literally be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a wonderful Persian rug . before they all disappear.

Sell Persian Rugs

We have many beautiful Sell Persian Rugs in San Diego and also some great Handmade Rug pieces as well, most of which were woven with hand spun wool and plant based dyes.

The Persian rug is typically made of wool but cotton is often interwoven to make the carpet more durable.Silk was widely used during the classical period (15th to 17th Centuries), but due to its high price and lack of durability this fabric is much less common now a days. Modern rugs made from silk are often used as wall-hanging tapestries instead of floor coverings. Traditional Area rugs in San Diego can have varying patterns, but tend to be based on four common themes and can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to make.

Over the past thousand years or so Persian rugs in Vista E  CA 92084 have woven their way in to the tapestry of fiction in various forms, especially where their magical qualities are concerned. You may remember the book ‘Thousand and One Nights’. In one of the stories Prince Husain uses a magic carpet to teleport himself from place to place.

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